Skydiving West London

Tandem Skydive West London

Tandem skydiving gives you the opportunity to experience the thrill of freefall on your first jump from only £220**

Tandem Skydiving London

You will jump from up to 13,000 feet attached to your instructor using a specially designed dual harness. The instructor controls the freefall, parachute opening and landing, leaving you free to enjoy the view and the sensation of freefall. Because Tandem skydiving does not require an intensive ground school (Apx 20 minutes) it is normally an activty completed in one day

* Weather and air traffic restrictions may apply.

** Group booking rate

The UK's tandem skydiving centre just 45 minutes from South West London

After a short briefing you will be ready to jump from up to 13,000 feet*. Training is run throughout the day and students are strapped to the front of a Tandem Instructor who is there to control the skydive for you.

So if you have never done a parachute jump before and are looking to tandem skydive near West London, Skydive Centre is the closest.

If you’re travelling from West London and are not up to an early start and would like a later check-in time do let the team know and they’ll do all they can to accommodate you.

The maximum weight limit for all courses is 15 stone (95 Kilos).
A deposit of £50 per person will be required at the time of booking and the balance is paid on the day of the jump either by cash or card.

London Tandem Skydiving from a £50 deposit only

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