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    Skydiving for Film & TV

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    POV, Documentary or Action Sequence

    Our team will ensure you get the look and feel you want
    Pre production meetings ensure we fully understand your storyboard

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    Wherever in the world

Professional Filming and photography for tv and the media

We are available to help you bring your ideas to the best conclusion with the use of the latest in both equipment and in air techniques, as both play an important part when creating the right scene or Image for your customers. Many skydivers jump digital camera equipment, but not everyone can see your vision at 12000 feet. 


Yes!now what is the question?

We are fortunate to have access to Michael Lovemore, Mark Stone, Timothy Lawson and Ralph Mitchell as well as other world class Free Fall cameramen and can provide Film and Television quality footage including 4K for advertisement. promotion or programme material.London Parachute School have long been involved in media work and can assist in provision of locations, aircraft, parachutists and film props as required It does not matter where in the world your location is we can assist.
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Air to Air

100% 100% Complete

Air to Ground

100% 100% Complete

Single or Multi Shot

100% 100% Complete

Stunt Personnel

100% 100% Complete

we can provide

Bespoke and branded clothing and equipment to be utilised for your production to assist in promoting your clients message.

Call 0800 009 3015.


Go Pro

Movie native formats are well known and we will shoot at your required format and Fps to match your project.

(Note- We cannot mount the Gopro or any camera onto a student skydiver including a Tandem during descent)

Canon EOS 5D M2

This stunning camera is utilised for a lot of our in air photography and video, capturing beautiful images with a variety of lens from 15mm through to 200mm for those unique shots. 


Our Portfolio includes

  • ITV - I'm A Celebrity 2022

  • expend advertisement

  • BT Sport Aviva Rugby Finals Promo

  • Atomic EWWC Promotion

  • Fox Kids (Sky TV)

  • British Red Cross Womens 68 way record

  • ITV - Don't try this at home (Davina Mcall)

  • Channel 4 -Band of Brothers

  • Nokia promotional stills photography

  • Channel 4 - Birth of the Smart Bomber

  • LWT - Drop the Celebrity

  • The Observer - 50 Sporting Things Before You Die

  • Channel 4 - Birth of the SAS

  • Mastercard promotional stills photography

  • ITV - Real Crime

  • Olgilvie & Mather Ford S5 stills photography

  • ITV - Harry Hill's TV Burp

  • APS Mortgages TV advertising

  • Ginger TV - Jack Osbourne - Adrenaline Junkie2

  • Elle Magazine - Prada Stills shoot

  • Heat Magazine - Jack Osbourne with Nicky Johnston

  • SKY TV - Mission Implausible

  • Discovery Channel - True Heroes

  • 3 Pillows Productions - Unmade Beds

  • Nivea -'Expert Lift' launch promotion

  • Quest TV - Channel Promotion Advert

  • Breakthrough Breast Cancer 'Booby Birds'

  • Nuance/Omni productions/ Mason Zimbler Dragon Naturally Speaking TV Advertisement

  • Weilands/Walkers Crisps Extra Crunchy Advert

  • Independant Films Rowntrees Randoms Advert

  • BBC New Tricks

  • Bullseye productions/Sky TV Gadget Geeks

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The equipment

We hire in cameras for most if not all of our in air filming projects as each client has their favorite camera for the look and feel that is to be the end result when viewed. We have mounted and jumped the following cameras amongst others:




Canon 5D Mkii with various prime lens for photography and videography

Gopro for inside and outside views .

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