FAQ skydiving for charity


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have covered the most commonly asked questions about skydiving for charity. If after reading this and the page of your individually selected charity you would like to ask another question - please email us or call us on 0800 009 3014.

A not for profit, so anything we make goes back in or to supporting our charity skydiving programme. Every member of staff must skydive, so when we talk to you its from direct experience, not just someone selling you a ride.
We run the fundraising via skydiving programme for many national and local charities - reducing thier costs and ensuring the safest possible experience.
We work directly with charities - we handle the skydiving and they handle the fundraising relationship. Thats how it should work as you are fundraising for them for a personal reason.
As the charity skydiving programme is run for and on behalf of the charities, we can get them in contact as soon as you register - in fact they receive email notification of your registration at the same time we do and are able to get in contact and help you with your fundraising.
Skydiving like most aviation sports is weather dependent. In accordance with BPA rules and regulations, our centres must operate within strict safety limits with regards to cloud cover and wind speeds. If the weather is deemed unsuitable you will be given the opportunity to re-schedule your booking for another time at your convenience. We always advise customers to select their nearest skydiving centre just in case a repeat trip is required. Refunds are not given if the weather is unsuitable on the day. See terms and conditions page for more details.
We understand that it is helpful to know when you are likely to jump especially if you have friends and family coming to see you jump. Some centres will be able to give you approximate time slots, however please be advised that weather conditions can affect these times. If your supporters are travelling separately, we usually advise that they aim to arrive 1 hour – 1.5 hours after your designated arrival time. If you are doing a Tandem, plan for it to be an all day activity. All centres have catering facilities and you can check for information on the local amenities to keep your supporters entertained should there be a wait. If you are doing a AFF course, you will have a minimum of 6 hours of ground training to complete first. Depending on the weather and time of year, you may get the opportunity to jump the same day. However you should plan for this to be a 2 day activity.
Most charities that we operate a skydiving programme for allow you to utilise some of the funds raised to contribute toward the cost of the skydive - Please ensure your sponsors are aware of this if this is the case. Some organisations do not allow any fundraising to be utilised toward the cost of the skydive and require you to pay for this yourself, please check the individuals charity page for full details of thier individual scheme.
We along with your chosen charity will be there with you every step of the way to make the process as easy as possible, anything you feel you need to ask just email us or call us!.