Pancreatic Cancer UK

Pancreatic Cancer UK

Charity Skydive Fund Raising with Pancreatic Cancer UK

iDEuk Charity Skydive

Your training and skydive will be completed in one day. You can choose the drop zone and jump date that suits you. Register Online or Download the registration form (PDF) here

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Pancreatic Cancer UK provides an expert, personalised support and information service, with the ultimate aim of enabling patients to enjoy an extended, happy and fulfilled life, bringing hope to them and their families. Working closely with patients and their families and carers, clinicians and other healthcare professionals, researchers, politicians and policy makers Pancreatic Cancer UK seek to increase awareness of the disease and campaign to bring about change.


By Skydiving you can help Pancreatic Cancer UK achieve its Campaign for Hope which has two goals:
· to double five-year pancreatic cancer survival rates within five years
· to change the NHS experience of pancreatic cancer patients from being one of the worst to one of the best

For further information please contact The Fundraising Team at Pancreatic Cancer UK on or call 020 3535 7090.

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