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Guide Dogs Charity Skydive

Tandem Skydive
Take on an adrenaline challenge in aid of Guide dogs, organised by LPS, professionals in organising skydiving challenges across the country, all year round.

'Ever wondered why anyone in their right mind would jump out of a perfectly good airplane?'

Well unbuckle your seatbelt, kiss your in flight movie goodbye and hold on tight, because now it’s your turn to find out.

Hurl yourself out through that open door and experience 45 seconds of sheer terror and butt clenching excitement as a patchwork quilt of a world comes hurtling up to meet you.





Imagine the rush as you leave the plane at 12,000ft, accelerate in free fall from 0 to 120mph, thunder through the air and between the clouds for over 5,000ft, then silence and tranquillity as the parachute deploys, and you gently descend back to the cheers of your supporters below.

For your must do, once-in-a-lifetime fundraising tandem skydive, you will be securely harnessed to a British Skydiving instructor at one of nineteen jump locations across the UK. You will also be helping Guide Dogs to support more blind and partially-sighted people.

Guide Dogs provide life changing mobility and independence to blind and partially-sighted people throughout the UK, many of whom have had to take their own leap of faith and put all their trust in one of our four legged guides.

Go on! Do something truly amazing and help make a difference.

For more information contact the Events Team on 0845 600 6787, you can register online or download and complete an application pack.

LPS are also able to offer Guide Dogs Static Line Parachute Jumps for a minimum fund raise of £360 and Accellerated Freefall Guide Dogs Skydives for a minimum fund raise of £560, please contact LPS direct on 0800 009 3014 for more details.

Please note, the £50 registration fee is non refundable and is paid to the London Parachute School on booking.



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